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rangerdrew» Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:57 am

I have had three hallucinogenic experiences due to extreme fatigue and they all happened in the mountain phase of Ranger School. They seemed very real at the time I had them.

Two times were while wearing night vision. First, I saw a dalmation in a tree cocking its head and staring at me. Second, was a Rastfarian complete with dreads and rainbow colored hat with his lower jaw hanging to his chest running past me.

The third was around ten in the morning. We were in a patrol base, pulling security in a prone position. I stared at a leprechan for what seemed like an hour. He wore the full regalia you would expect of the finest leprechans. I remember not wanting to look away in case he ran away.

I've heard many stories from Ranger School where guys have seen crazy things due to extreme fatigue and sleep deprivation. My roommate went through just after I did. He saw a guy putting money into a vending machine that wasn't there. Hilarious.

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