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Mother-of-four says Aussie flu left her suffering hallucinations



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Laura-Jane Merryweather hit by virus after returning from a holiday in the U.S
Mum-of-four said she was 'seeing things that weren't there' as virus took hold
She said the 'horrendous' pain was 'like nothing I have ever experienced' 
Aussie flu outbreak is expected to be the worst in 50 years and is causing havoc
By Tariq Tahir For Mailonline

Published: 00:47, 6 January 2018 | Updated: 00:51, 6 January 2018

A woman has described how a bout of the Aussie flu sweeping the country left her hallucinating in a state of 'total delirium'.

Mother-of-four Laura-Jane Merryweather, from Northampton, was hit by the deadly bug after returning from a family holiday to Walt Disney World, Florida, on December 23.

The dreaded Aussie flu outbreak expected to be the worst in 50 years is continuing to wreak havoc on Britain, official figures show.

GP surgeries have been overwhelmed with the influx of patients amid the winter flu epidemic, made worse by an aggressive strain of influenza A that rocked Australia. 

At first when 38-year-old Mrs Merryweather called the NHS 111 line, the operator feared she was suffering from the tropical disease, dengue fever while she herself went to see her GP to rule out meningitis.

'I was in total delirium - seeing things that weren't there. You don't really realise it at the time but my husband said it was scary,' she told the Mirror Online.

'The pain in my legs was like nothing I have ever experienced. I was seeing things that weren't there. The pain was absolutely horrendous.'

'I was hallucinating, being sick and my husband had to walk me to and from the toilet.

'I had such bad rigors my teeth clattered for two days and I was shaking up and down.' 

'My children had swine flu back in 2009 and that was horrible. The way Aussie flu is spreading across the country, it reminds me of that time.'

In order to prevent the spread of the virus to her children, age five, 10, 12 and 14, she has been wear has worn a surgical face mask each time she hugs one them.

She is now recovering as her husband takes over the role of cleaning the house, also in order to stop the virus spreading.

'I can walk up and down, which is a bonus. Now I have congestion and shivers which is horrible but I'm nowhere near as bad as I was. I finally feel like I'm coming out of a dark hole.'

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