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A vision of a little girl, aged about a year with an amazing smile



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Voices from the Womb – Four Mothers Tell About Prebirth Communication - parenting with love

I found this site after trying to make sense of what happened to me recently. I have 2 children from a previous relationship. I had met a lovely guy but the first time we slept together, as I was waking up, but still not awake properly, I had a vision of a little girl, aged about a year.

She had an amazing smile, and looked a bit like my niece.

She had very dark hair (like the guy). The vision was like a photograph and was over to my left. I then woke up properly and felt nauseous.

It hit me like a lightning bolt that I was pregnant. I had never experienced that knowing with my other 2. Anyhow, over the next 2 weeks I was struggling with really bad nausea, exhaustion and other symptoms. I knew I’d have the baby regardless. But I also realised what a huge strain it was going to put my family under.

I was preparing myself to tell the guy when I had a very early miscarriage. I ended up not telling him anything (I feel bad about this) and calling the relationship off. He still doesn’t know.

I feel a real loss and keep thinking about this little girl. I’m wondering what the lesson is here for me to learn.

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