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Count Thadee Czacki of Romanow, Province of Volkynie is instructed by his dead father to pay a debt



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Death and its Mystery: After Death – Camille Flammarion

Romanow, Province of Volkynie

October 13, 1899.


Since I wish to aid you in your honest, sincere inquiry as to manifestations from beyond the grave, I am taking the liberty of telling you of a happening that is well known in my family. I have frequently heard my relatives talk of it.

My grandfather's brother, Count Thadee Czacki, after the death of his father, saw the latter in a dream. His father told him that he had borrowed one hundred ducats from a neighbour, M. N-   ; the lender had not wished to take a written receipt for the sum. He asked his son, therefore, to pay the debt, that his soul might find rest.

My great-uncle treated this dream as any other dream, and paid no attention to it. The next night he had the same dream, exactly in the same way At once, my great-uncle had the horses harnessed to his carriage, to go and pay his neighbour a visit. Questioning him, he learned that he really had lent one hundred ducats, but had no written proof.

My great-uncle paid him, and his father appeared to him once again, to thank him. I should be delighted if this story were of use to you. I can guarantee its authenticity, for all the members of my family have always considered it indubitable.


(Letter 774.)

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