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I was pregnant. In and out of hospital because I had a blood disorder …..... the blood was pouring out of me during the delivery and I had to have  24 stitches.....  I can remember so vividly being above and to the right of the bed in the delivery room at the head end in a white like tunnel, but it was white, absolutely brilliant white..  I looked down and I could see Dr Gallagher, I could see what he was doing, and I saw him run round the bottom end of the delivery bed. He must have forgotten [a bucket] was there because I saw him kick it in his haste to get round the other side and it knocked into a trolley with all the instruments on, things like bowls etc and that trolley whizzed across the room and hit the wall.  It didn't tip right up but you could see things falling off it and he then came round to me on my left hand side and I saw him thumping my chest, thumping and thumping.  I heard no sound whatsoever, I just saw what he was doing.......... it was peace, it was peace, it was absolute peace..... I just looked down at myself … I could possibly say it was a tunnel where I was looking down from, but all this light was a round me, it was a brilliant light... and then there was a noise, a terrible noise.. I just said 'Let me go back, it was beautiful'

 The next day I spoke to the doctor and I told him what he had done and he was furious and wanted to know which nurse had told me

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