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Monsieur X and Madame Y from Brussels share a dream



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Tyrrell, G N M - The Personality of Man]

This case comes from a reliable Belgian correspondent who, besides obtaining the first-hand statements of the percipients, interviewed them personally and vouched for their reliability.

 "On the 7th October, 1938, Monsieur X (the real names are all known) attended a reception at the house of Madame Y in Brussels. He left at 10.30 p.m. The same night Madame Y had the following dream:

She is at the railway station with a gentleman (unknown); several friends see her off, including Monsieur X. Suddenly the train starts, and Madame Y leaves without having time to take all her luggage. She calls through the open window to Monsieur X: 'Please bring me my luggage and don't forget the yellow suit-case.' Arrived at her destination, she goes upstairs to the luggage depot and finds all her luggage except the yellow suit-case. Monsieur X is there, too, and the lady severely rebukes him for his negligence.

''The next morning, 8th October, 1938, Madame Y related her dream to a witness, Monsieur Z; and an hour or so afterwards, while Monsieur Z was still present, Monsieur X arrived and before anything was said to him about Madame Y's dream, he recounted his own dream of the previous night, which was as follows:

He finds himself at a station and in charge of Madame Y.’s luggage. A yellow suit-case is specially recommended to his care. He transports all this with great pains, but the yellow suit-case is somehow lost. He mounts the stairs to the luggage depot and there meets Madame Y. She gives him a severe scolding for his bad behaviour."

Madame Y adds a further signed statement in which she says:

"I told Monsieur Z about my dream before hearing Monsieur X's statement, and the latter, in turn, related his dream to Monsieur Z before hearing my description.”

She actually had a yellow suit-case, but Monsieur X was not sure whether he had ever seen it.

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