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Cardiac arrest



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The following account is from a psychotherapist living in London who had a cardiac arrest

A description of the experience

I was working at home with a student whom I was supervising.  After about 10 minutes I began to get a pain down my left arm.  I tried to ignore it but it got worse very quickly and after another 10 minutes I had to stop the session.  I then got a very severe pain in my chest which doubled me up.  I managed to reach the phone in the hall and rang the ambulance service.  By this time the pain had become very very bad and I was soaked to the skin with sweat.  I curled up on the floor waiting for the ambulance team to arrive.

Then suddenly the pain stopped and I wondered when the ambulance would arrive.  I looked at my watch to see how long it would take them and I realised my watch had stopped, which was most unusual as it was an electronic tuning fork watch in good condition.  This may sound strange but I felt I needed some timing device, so I felt for my pulse and there was none.

I got quite frightened and was also puzzled as well.  I then put my hand on my chest and could feel no heartbeat.  There was a strange shift in perception at this time and I realised I was above the stairs looking down the stairs and I actually considered throwing myself down the stairs, in order to start my heart beating again.  I could not see my body from the stairs nor was I aware of being out of my body at the time.

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