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The start of the blog was from someone who had had an out of body experience and wondered if anyone else had, this is a self help website for people with various illnesses


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1. Jan 04 2013
1:39 pm

Wow, I’ve had that experience before, but I don’t think it was prior to any type of ms attack. Only felt it about 3 or 4 times. It is a very weird feeling! Haven’t felt it in a long time.

Posted by Ria

2. Jan 04 2013
1:56 pm

It is scary the similarties here. I had thought I was on my own with this one. Had it happen once on a cross country trip. Had to pull over and let my wife drive.

Posted by Rick

See I had always thought that was something that was just me. I had never associated it with MS. I am not alone in the world .

Posted by Rick

I have had frequent distortions of space, usually before an attack or when I am tired. Mine usually are a sense of being very small while walking-usually outside. I shrink small enough that I’m not sure I can open the mailbox. (Of course I always can) It is pretty weird and the first time, scared me a lot.

Posted by Maggiemacall

 Yep, been there, quite a bit. I was practicing meditation quite a bit when my first attack snuck up on me, and whether it was the MS or the meditation, I had (and still have) that same “nine inches above my body” sensation. Except the way I described was nine feet — it’s nine feet when meditating, nine inches when exhausted. (And that’s how I described it at the time, “nine” feet — why is nine the common denominator here?)

Now it happens when that profound crash hits, but I can hardly get to sleep. I’m often at my computer at the time, and end up mashing my keyboard because the distance is all wrong. My beagles stare at me in rapt bewilderment as I have to lean far over the keyboard and peck out a word with one finger at a time. Very annoying.

Posted by J

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