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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections – Mr R. J. Carlson, who had been practising auto-suggestion, has an OBE



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Dr Robert Crookall - More Astral projections

Case No. 201 – Mr R. J. Carlson, who had been practising auto-suggestion, sent this (in litt., Oct. 5, 1960):

You write of people projecting their astral bodies. I believe this has happened to me, accidentally.

One night I blanked my mind and relaxed. Then came this wonderful sensation of breathing through. After an initial stage of moving forward very lightly and slowly , I suddenly found myself out of and above myself - and yet I could either sense or see my body in bed.

I was moving away gently from it and thought, 'How am I to get back if I drift too far away?' I became scared and I believe I wished myself back. Instantly I was wide awake in bed, feeling no fear but only curiosity.

I thought then that what I had experienced was not auto-hypnosis but something l did not understand and, because I did not understand it, I left it alone. I have never tried to repeat it. I have often dreamed that I was flying above a city, but this experience was not a dream - the abrupt transition to wide-awakeness, and the ‘feeling', at the time, of something having happened which was very unusual, makes me wonder, now that I have read your article, if I stumbled through the psychic barrier. Assuming that I did-what might have happened?

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