Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Shock from cheating girl friend



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An ex had cheated on me - i was pretty devastated about it. After we'd had the arguments and fights then i decided i didn't want to split up we'd made up...

As I was waiting to go home at the bus stop my energy just slipped from me and I had to sit down. I remember being sat there like in a dream world, collapsed against the wall...then I floated out of my body, still sat legs crossed just looking at the top of me as my then gf was trying to wake me up all panicking. I felt like I had a choice to just leave if I wanted too, I was in a daze in my 'floated self' too, gazing at my lifeless body as my gf tried to get a reaction. After about 90seconds I thought 'i'd better get back' - i didn't know what was happening so not sure where this thought came from. Shortly after I came back in my body and woke with a gasp in shock. I went back to hers after this for a drink before attempting my trip home again...

I've had other psychic feelings before. I KNEW when something was happening, its a feeling in my stomach I get. The only way to explain is I KNOW its happening. Something happened with my mum i dont want to go into, but whilst I was out at the pub the feeling kicked in and i knew something was wrong, specifically with my mum... that night at my gfs i got a call from the hospital. I was right to feel that.

I've had the 'feeling' for football matches, I just 'know' when something will happen. I've predicted Rooneys broken foot 10minutes before it happened, dreamt about earthquakes and tsunamis then the day after they're on the main news (i know they happen all the time but not always in the paper). I've dreamt i was in a plane crash several times (i'm never scared in the dream tho, i know i'll survive) each time theres a plane crash in the same way (water, mountain) etc shown in the media.

I dreamt about the concordia crash before it happened, i even rememeber the carpet and layout of where I went. I'd explained the dream to a cousin before this happened as he was in it - then the crash happened - then the program on the crash on TV at a later date and it shown the area i was stuck, i then said to my cousin "thats where we were - to the right is a kitchen and stairway down on the opposite of the kitchen door, and the carpet changes from purple to blue on the stairs..." i said it real quick too to make sure incase it shown it - and it did.

I've had deja vu dream - where i dream of something normal (a woman dropping a bag, a car with a a light missin) and then the day after i see it. I've started to write dreams down to prove to myself that this is happening.

However, after saying all this I dont feel like i've got some psychic power. If I do I don't know how to use it - i just get this 'feeling'. Its sort of an excited or scared feeling. I've not tried to 'train' it to do anything, just note what happens and any other strange 'predictions' my brain makes.

The most worrying one is a dream I had when 15 (10year before i was a 'conspiracy theorist) that last only a few minutes. I ran round the corner from my house too look at 'something' when I got round the corner my old brother came running to me in a panic too - he said "whats going on", i explain to him "its happening now" like I knew what was coming, then a massive fireball hits earth followed by intense heat (i woke up reallly hot) you could see the blast coming and my brother said "what now??" I said calmly back "this is it..." then the blast hit us I woke up.

Last year - i was talking to my brother about the satellite that was crashing to earth (Sep 11) and he told me he keeps having this dream of a fireball hitting earth and i come running over to him, just as it hits i say something, but he never knows what i say... I told him my dream. We were both pretty shocked. But yet still skeptical. Sometimes I need to hear or see something 'unbelievable' several times to beleive it or pay enough attention.

People seem to always come to me for help too - and the help i give seems to really help them. Yet I can't help myself when i'm struggling with stress or things, i dont know what to do at the time etc. I always pull through but the advice i give never kicks in when i'm the one on the wrong end.

When I read some things on ATS or the internet, I get the feeling. I feel connected in some way to something. Some energy. I dont know what, or how it works but i definitely feel it. I've heard stories we're all connected some way, or we're all 'beings of light' or other stories. Theres that many i dont know which are true - part of some link to others and some make more sense than others but i've never found an answer yet.

I think this is why i'm drawn to sites like this. I think thats why a lot of people have an 'awakening' or something in their life leads them on a path to try to find this enlightenment. Nature seems the answer - being connected to this Earth or Space and Time or What... Ive yet to find the connection.


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