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Lycaeum forum - The quality of light is an etherial essence



Type of Spiritual Experience

Pure or enhanced perception

Number of hallucinations: 1


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Observation from an LSD drug experience – extract from http://paranoia.lycaeum.org/stories/lsd

Our conversation  disintegrated to short  meaningless  sentences.  I would say something like "The  quality of  light is  an etherial essence" to which  he  might   respond   "But the meaning    of existance  is  not comprehensive" and I would reply "Yes but it is if you want it to be", and it would go on like  this, knowing that  he  had no idea of what I had meant, which didn't matter at all, since I didn't know myself what I had   meant.  

Often we  would just  break into  paroxisms  of mirth, laughing and laughing until our stomachs hurt and  the tears flowed in rivers down our cheeks. 

At one point  I noticed a luminescent glow on the slinky that I could not account for.   I  told him breathlessly of my discovery, thinking it was a new form of  mysterious  energy,  on a par with Newtons discovery of gravitation, and it took us at least ten minutes to discover  that it was only  the reflection of the lightning machine, which triggered another bout of helpless mirth.

At one point we turned  out the lights  and looked at  the patterns of light cast on the ceiling from the street.  I cannot  begin to express the deep beauty of those patches of  light.  I  stared and stared with my eyes boggled out muttering "oh my God! oh my God!"  I swore I would never   take patterns    of light  for  granted again!    

I  could see fantastically complex latticework  patterns in the  dark  which became very vivid when I  closed my eyes.  I tried  to describe these visions to my tape recorder because I knew I could never  remember them in all their beauty and complexity, but  the visions rushed by  so  fast  and furiously that I could not begin to keep up with them, even if I could find words to  describe them.

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Ordinary person

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