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Pretty soon you'll be swimming with the porpoises



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

… communication with deceased relatives during the dying process are universally comforting to the person having the experience. One frightened young woman had a powerful experience with a cousin who had died as a child. In her experience, her elementary-aged deceased cousin took her by the hand as they wandered through sunlit woods along a path. He said that he had a wonderful surprise to show her. As they went down the path, the woods cleared and they saw a crystal-clear lake with porpoises swimming lazily about. The whole area was lit with a soft light. Her cousin whispered to her, "Pretty soon you'll be swimming with the porpoises."

With that, the cousin dove into the water and began playing with the porpoises. When the young woman returned to her room, she told her family that she was no longer afraid of dying because pretty soon she would be swimming with the porpoises. Though she had some frightened moments, she remained peaceful, overall, for the last few days of her life as a result of the experience.

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