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Two sisters at death



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


An example of a person dying which contains relatively ‘normal’ events, but at the end we have a very interesting example of inter composer communication as the composers of the mother and her sister communicate

A description of the experience

From La Revue Spirite January 1925

Mr. A. R. Besancon writes as follows :

At the commencement of February, 1915, at ‘M’ , when I was only ten years old, I had the grief of losing my mother. Her death was accompanied by circumstances which I take the liberty of relating.

My mother was attended by my grandmother during her illness.

One night the latter was surprised at hearing my mother, who was sleeping in the next room, pronounce certain sentences, among others this :-

" Marie, I can see you at last, I am glad you have come. Help me."

Marie was my sister who died a few years before this.

Grandmother thought it was a dream ; she rose and approached my mother's bed, and to her great surprise she found her awake. My mother even told her the satisfaction she had had in seeing her daughter. Later on in the night the " conversation " was resumed, but we paid no further attention.

But on the next morning, Mother was no more.  Moreover, during the same night, one of my aunts who lived in the neighbouring village of Y-, had the clear impression of seeing mother.

" She passed," she said to me the following day, " beside my bed without speaking, then went to embrace my two daughters and disappeared."

Such are the facts.

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