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Child in Var sees father, who was in Nice, drown



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Flammarion, C., Carroll, L, - Death and its mystery

160 Child sees father drown

About ten years ago I had under my treatment, in my village, at Cogolis, Var, a young patient about eleven years old. One morning I was urgently summoned to see the little invalid. The frightened mother told me that the child had had a sudden paroxysm of delirium. He had awakened, as usual, and all seemed to be going well, when at about ten o'clock he rose up in his bed, terrified by a sudden hallucination. He saw water everywhere and began to cry for help for his father was drowning, he said.

His father was away from home.  He had gone to Nice, where his brother lived, and was to spend several days there. When I arrived the child was calm, but insisted that he had seen his father drown.

A telegram from the brother soon urgently called the widow (for such she really was) to Nice, where she learned that her husband had been drowned at about ten in the morning, in trying to save his brother, who had been seized with a cramp while swimming in the ocean. His last words had been "our poor children."

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