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Kundalini experience side effects - increased synchronicity



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The word synchronicity is one made popular by the works of C G Jung.  He defined synchronicity as meaningful and very opportune coincidences, coincidences that seem to fit into our life to help us along the way.  As long as the path we are taking is the ‘right one’ the one that is our destiny, people can walk into our life at just the right time, events can happen in just the right order and things can suddenly turn up that we have not asked for but that are perfect for what we need to do.

It is actually exceedingly unsettling, unsettling to the point of being frightening at times, but it also has  a very comforting side.  There is an odd feeling of being ‘watched over’ or at least having a spirit presence that is in tune with a greater reality than the one we are slaving within. 

Lindsay Clarke, a British author, once remarked that he gauges his psychic health by the flow of synchronicity in his life.

When  they happen you get a sense of being in tune with the spiritual forces of the universe.

And they can accompany kundali experiences or foreshadow them.

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In Case of Spiritual Emergency – Catherine Lucas

Case history Kate

The final showdown was accompanied by incredibly intense synchronicity - a magnetic principle of mutual unconscious attraction first defined by Carl Jung that manifests through meaningful coincidences.

Over the years, I've experienced its subtle (and not so subtle) workings in a myriad of ways, from the simple to the profound, the gentle to the life-shaking. The most powerful clusters have occurred around key times of breakdown and breakthrough.

Many spiritual self-help books take the line of least resistance and claim following coincidences will lead you to your dreams. I say it's a bit more complex - they may drag you through the hell first for a confrontation with your deepest, darkest self and when you crawl out the other side, those dreams may have changed beyond recognition. My therapist gave me the best advice about synchronicity -" pay attention."

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