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Listening to hospital monitoring machines beeping



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My 94 year old mother was admitted to the hospital for chest discomfort. She is normally as sharp as a 70 year old!

She was extremely annoyed by the constant beeping of the machines, but I dismissed it.

After the fifth day in the hospital, she woke up not knowing where she was, who I was, thinking my dad was in the room (he passed away two years earlier) not knowing her birthdate or the year, and seeing imaginary people.

They told us it was hospital induced psychosis. They were discharging her immediately, and after being in her home surroundings she would recover completely.

After about four hours at home, she was back to normal, not really remembering the experience at all!

I'm so happy we took her home. Had she remained in any longer, I think the delirium would have continued. This was a very frightening experience for us. So glad they recognized what was happening and discharged her back to familiar surroundings.

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