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Mario Omodei - 29 September 1504, Tirano, Val Poschiavo, Italy - Abducted by a lady of light



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Strictly speaking not a succubus, as she made no attempt to seduce him, but he was certainly abducted.  And if this physically happened it is an example of levitation by a UFO.  On the other hand it may be a lucid dream or an OBE, the details are so vague that we will never know

A description of the experience

as quoted in  Wonders In The Sky - Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity To Modern Times - and Their Impact on Human Culture, History, and Beliefs - Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck

At dawn a man named Mario Omodei, who had gone into his garden, was suddenly surrounded by a dazzling light and heard a voice that called him by name. At the same time he felt lifted from the ground and found himself carried away to a land owned by a man named Alojsio Quadrio. Here, in an even more dazzling vision, an apparition he took to be Mary instructed him to make public the fact that she wanted a temple dedicated to her. Indeed it was completed in 1513 and consecrated in 1528.

A priest named Simone Cabasso wrote in 1601 about the adventure of Omodei: "it seemed that the mountains (...) were illuminated by an unusual light (...) He clearly felt lifted from the earth, and transported to a garden, and was taken down to the ground." The luminous apparition looked like a 14-year old girl.

Sources: Gamba, Marino. Apparizioni mariane nel corso di due millenni. Udine: Ediz. II Segno (1999); and Cabasso, Simone, Miracoli della Madonna di Tirano. Vicenza: Ed. Pietro Gioannini (1601).

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