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I was laid on my bunk reading Playboy, when my grandfather appeared looking at me



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The Art of Dying – Dr Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

When, I was 18, I was in the Merchant Navy crossing the Pacific Ocean on the way to Australia. One night I was laid on my bunk reading a male magazine - Mayfair or Playboy I think. I looked up and my grandfather was stood next to me looking at me. Well, I shot off the bed. I did scream and he was still there looking at me - I ran for my life up to the bridge, shaking like a leaf.

When I came back down he had gone - that night I dreamed that I was trying to visit a ship in dry dock but the crew would not let me on board - which was unheard of in real life. They told me that it was not for me. I awoke at about 4.30 and went onto the bridge and told the mate what had happened. He came from Buckie in Scotland and, said that in fishing families, dreaming of a ship on dry land told of a death in the family. I put all this down in a letter to send to my parents.

About three weeks later we got to Australia, and the pilot took the post ashore with him. Later that day the agent brought our post on board with a letter from Mum: the day and date were about the same time that Grandad had died.


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