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Adam's dying Nan



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from Alignment - Adam Shereston and Sarah Powell

At the age of eighty, Nan was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She decided that she was too old for treatment and stoically carried on for the next 5 years without as much as mentionning it.  Eventually, the disease got the better of her and after a rapid decline in health, she came to spend her final days with us at our house in Whissonett.  Mum temporarily converted the dining room into a bedroom for her.

One morning when I looked in on Nan, she asked me who the people were standing at the end of her bed...

Later on that day, we called the doctor.  I sat down beside her and gently took her hand in mine.  I felt her grip tighten as she struggled to breathe...........  The doctor finally arrived and gave Nan an injection of morphine to ease her pain, but wthin minutes I felt her hand slowly drop away from mine.  The colour started to drain out of her and as I watched the doctor reach down to close her eyes, I realised she had gone.

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