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The observaion is fascinating as it shows that the communication that goes on between composers is language free, which is not unexpected, but then what becomes interesting is what medium of communication is used. 

It is clearly the same as that used by animals and by animals when they can read our minds and anticipate us.


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Letters on Mesmerism – Harriet Martineau

On Saturday evening, Dec 22nd, when she was deep in the trace and therefore abundant in manifestations, a lady present took a sudden fancy to speak to her in French – and she instantly, and as it were, mechanically, repeated in English what was said. This startled all present-(four persons)-for we knew that this girl had never been taught any language.

The experiment was repeated again and again, and always with the same result. The finger of the Mesmerist was then on Imitation.  When it was shifted to Language, J. did not repeat what was said, but replied to it.

The lady and a physician present then spoke repeatedly in Italian; and with the same results, according as the one or the other organ was touched; and then Dr. X spoke to her in German,-still with the same result.

The whole party did at first look aghast. When we came to reflect, however, how often she had replied to our thoughts, without the intervention of any language whatever, it seemed no more wonderful that she should read off our minds through languages which were unknown to her.

It is indeed clear that, provided the ideas conveyed are within her scope, it matters nothing in what language they are uttered. She has only once since been deep enough for a repetition of this striking act: and that was on the next Friday, when she again replied to questions in French and German, put to her by a lady and gentleman present.

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