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Mrs. Fyson Calder has a premonitory dream of a future house



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Journal S.P.R. Volume xxx p198[ as quoted in Tyrrell, G N M - The Personality of Man]

A curious case occurred to Mrs. Fyson Calder, who had in the course of her life, three precognitive dreams all of the same character, manifesting apparent foreknowledge of the house she was going to live in. The two earlier dreams were recorded before verification and are quoted by Dame Edith Lyttelton in her book, Some Cases of Prediction (G. Bell & Sons, Ltd.). This one was told by Mrs. Calder to her husband in the morning and is corroborated by him. In this third instance Mrs. Calder dreamt that she was moving into a very large, old-fashioned house, and was busy hanging curtains at some extremely high windows.

"I then wandered out," she continues, "through wild neglected gardens, and found a kind of courtyard bounded by walls on three sides, and all rather neglected and overgrown, quite unlike any place I knew. I described all this to my husband next morning, and wondered if it meant another move for us. Strangely enough, a few days later he was offered a new post at Crewe, in Cheshire. I naturally supposed that the old house I had seen in my dream would prove to be there-as on previous occasions. As it happened, however, a parent visiting my husband’s school a few days later mentioned that she was thinking of letting half her very large, old house, six miles away from here-hidden away in a park which we had never visited. Remembering my dream, my husband suggested that we should go and see it-and of course it was exactly as I have described, with the courtyard easily recognisable; very high windows, etc. Yet, at that time, we supposed that we should be going to Crewe, and it is the more remarkable that circumstances have now arisen causing my husband to refuse the move to Crewe and remain here. We felt so drawn to the old house seen in my dream that we have taken half of it and expect to move into it very shortly."

This happened in 1938.

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