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Does snorting fire ants get you high?



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I found the following on the Internet – IT IS A JOKE – but I have included it because there is an interesting aspect about fire ants that may have started this thread.

Solenopsis saevissima is the red form of the fire ant, and is found in the United States.   The active components of the venom are alkaloids, the most abundant of which is trans-2-methyl-6-(cis-6-pentadecenyl)  - piperidine. 

The piperidine structure is present in numerous natural alkaloids. These include piperine, which gives black pepper its spicy taste. Other examples are the toxic alkaloid coniine from poison hemlock, which was used to put Socrates to death.

Piperidine was used in the clandestine manufacture of PCP (also known as angel dust, sherms, wet, etc.).  Derivatives of piperidine such as solenopsin from the fire ant are of great interest medically, as Solenopsin is cytotoxic, hemolytic, necrotic, insecticidal, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-HIV! 

But all these links have resulted in some silly [often deliberately silly – joking] and some serious discussions on the net about the merits of ants as a hallucinogen! 

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Answer to question – Does snorting fire ants get you high?- http://www.blurtit.com/q6593816.html

Yes, but only if they are live male worker ants. Females lack hidecamethrizone, the active chemical that causes hallucinations. The chemical is also greatly reduced upon the ant's death, so they have to be alive and able to sting before you put them in your nose. Side effects include death.

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