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Tommy Brown, a poor boy of 12 years old, sees his dead father ‘He's looking at me, and beckoning me to follow him’



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Death and its Mystery: After Death – Camille Flammarion

From Light 1915 page 502, as well as  Luce eOmbre 1919; Annale Psychiques 1919

Tommy Brown was a poor boy, twelve years old, belonging to a numerous and destitute family. His health was shattered; he was stretched on a hospital bed. His father had died, two years before, in a bed near this one. On a certain night he said to his mother, "Mamma, there’s Father."

“No, dear," his mother answered; “there's no one there."

 “Yes there is! Why, don't you see him near the bed? Speak to Him.”

She saw nothing, and the nurse saw nothing. “What’s your papa doing?" the mother asked, at length.

“He's looking at you."

 And, a moment afterward: "He's looking at me, and beckoning me to follow him, so he can take me away with him.”

While speaking to those near her, the mother remarked that the little boy’s father had been dead for two years. The child heard this and said:

“No, he's not dead, since he's there and beckoning to me with his hand. He's calling me; he's calling me." Talking in this way, the child lost consciousness. He died some days later.


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