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Digger dave has OBE in his car [his wife is not amused]



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i was driving my car with the wife one morning a few mouths ago and i said to her i feel funny ,i moved my head from side to side , and it simd to follow me lol, next minute my wife as me to let her drive and i said no youll suff my alloy about a minute late i felt my whole body move from itself ,and the felling was complete and utter love i think no cares no nothing and ive been thinking is this what we feel when we die ????? im not religus or anything like that very happy with my life. but if thats what is going to happen then i dont care anymore as i often thing about death and what happens as i suppose we all do. so thanks for all the storys on here about what you exsperianced spelling ent too good lol but thank for reading this dave

diggerdave123456 diggerdave123456 46-50 Dec 8, 2012 1

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Riding on or in vehicles