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Child spinning wheels



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Although the following observation cannot be classified as -  indeed there is not real evidence it is  - a spiritual experience as such, the child concerned was ‘different’ and potentially gifted – a factor which appeared to terrify his parents.  They had already taken him to a therapist and were considering pharmaceuticals as the ‘answer’.  So another potential mystic down the pan

Children do what works for them.  They see spirits their parents do not see and communicate with friends that are not visible to adults.  This child appeared to be doing this.

OT = occupational therapy session

A description of the experience

Yesterday was Timothy's first OT session. He had been evaluated almost a month ago, but with all the paperwork and red tape, he just had his first session yesterday.

I was *VERY* impressed that the therapist remembered ALOT about Timothy. She asked a lot of questions about how he handled Christmas and all.

I told her about his new trucks and how he first spins the wheels before he does anything else. She said that she could understand why it was concerning to us, but said to try not to worry about it.

During the session, she pulled out several toys -- one of which was a toy car. Timothy immediately grabbed that one and started spinning it's wheels. She would try to distract him with other toys and he would drop the car for a moment, play with something else, then drop it and go right back to the car to spin it's wheels.

While he was doing this, he was so intent. She said she could understand our concern but said maybe it was just an initial fascination with wheels.

So, it was kind of bittersweet. I am glad that she saw him do it. I always hate telling professionals all these things he does and then they don't see him do it. However, it was sad because he actually did it and it just confirmed that I'm not imaginging it at home.

Anyway, it's just something else they will be keeping an eye on. I am just so glad that our pediatrician already put him in OT so someone will be following him closely on a weekly basis.

How many of your children liked to spin wheels as infants?

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