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Light, 1898, page 107

Letter from a funeral director who wrote to the London Light:

Having been attached to the funeral service for several years, and having been aware of the demonstrations related to the death events, I am sending you my observations on this subject. They may be of interest to your readers.

Clocks that stop - especially pendulum clocks - at the time of death events are one of the most frequent phenomena and are the subject of conversations and investigations in a large number of families visited by misfortune.

The falling portraits, the musical instruments that spontaneously play in coincidence with death events, immediately follow in the order of frequency.

It is much rarer that a long forgotten, damaged clock suddenly starts working again when a family member dies.

Facts of this kind occur so often that they become familiar to those involved in the funeral service. For myself, I would be able to provide a large number of examples of clocks that coincide with death cases, but I will abstain from doing so for the moment, so as not to overrun your column space. (.)

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