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Mrs. R. Oedekerk prophesies Prince Bernhard of the Netherland’s injury in a serious automobile accident



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From Croiset the Clairvoyant - Jack Harrison Pollack

In October 1937, Edward Benedict, whom Professor Tenhaeff [Professor W. H. C. Tenhaeff, Director of the Parapsychology Institute at the University of Utrecht] was studying in the Burger Ziekenhuis (Municipal Hospital) in Amsterdam, told him and Dr. S. C. M. Spoor, the medical superintendent, that within several weeks Queen Wilhelmina, Princess Juliana (the present Queen), and her husband, Prince Bernhard, would be confined in that hospital.

"None of us took this strange remark very seriously, but I recorded it anyhow," reports the Dutch researcher.

A month later, on November 27, Mrs. R. Oedekerk, another woman sensitive then being studied by Dr. Tenhaeff, mailed him a detailed letter, saying in part:

“Last night I dreamed that I saw a railway crossing, a long road, pastures, a gate. Behind the gate and left, I saw a truck. A car came by at a terrible speed. It tried to cross but a tire blew out and the car smashed at full speed against the gate and the truck behind it. The driver of the car looked dead to me.  I saw his face when he was lying there. It was prince Bernhard."

'"I attached little value to this letter but filed it,” recalls Tenhaeff.

Two days later, Prince Bernhard was in a critical automobile accident, corresponding to virtually all of the details, and was taken to the predicted Amsterdam hospital with concussion, broken neck, and several broken bones. His condition was so critical that Queen Wilhelmina and princess Juliana remained in the hospital for several days and regularly visited him during the six weeks the prince was confined there. The details of the accident were precisely as seen by Mrs. Oedekerk in her dream.

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