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Questions, comments: My mom was in the hospital for a few months due to kidney failure. the night before on the phone asked me if my 7month old son would be okay I said yes he is standing having pulled himself up to look at the aquarium.I told her my daughter and niece are fine also. that evening the girls and I stayed up very late playing board games. at 10am. the next morning I heard my call my name at least 3 times.i thought oh! I have overslept to get for her dialysis van to pick her up but she is in the hospital I was starting to drift off and the phone rang. the hospital I thought it was as I answered the call the nurse said this is Midway calling are you alone? can you please sit down? your mother has passed away. I asked if it had occurred at 10am. she said that was the correct time of passing. I said I heard her call my name, she answered back and said she has been a nurse for 32 years and she had heard that a few times before.I wonder if this happens a lot, or was it because I was sd very close to her being her last child late in life and then takingcare of her as she was bedridden, for 7 years.

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