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Dr. Jean Wier - 1551, near Waldstadt, Germany - Woman taken up by the devil and dropped from the sky



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So maybe the best way to levitate is to swear prolifically and get drunk, until you sober up of course, ......

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As quoted in Wonders In The Sky - Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity To Modern Times - and Their Impact on Human Culture, History, and Beliefs - Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck

A woman who had uttered some blasphemies during a drinking party was taken up in the air by the devil "in the presence of everyone." The witnesses rushed out to watch where she was carried. They saw her hovering up in the sky outside the village, after which she dropped and was found dead in the middle of a field.

Source: Dr. Jean Wier, Histoires, disputes et discours des illusions et impostures des diables, des magiciens, in fames, sorciers et empoisonneurs, le tout compris en 5 Jivres. Translated from the Latin, ca. 1577.

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