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A vision, similar to seeing a teletype ribbon, went past my eyes



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Richard Bufton is now a college lecturer and heading for retirement. But in the early 1970s he was a commercial diver out in the Gulf:

I was taking a diving vessel from Bahrain to Ras Tanurra Saudi Arabia and I had just handed over control of the vessel to another diver. It was in the middle of the British postal strike and we had not received any post for some time. I was lying on the bunk in the forward cabin and in a sort of half-asleep state, when what I can only describe as a vision, similar to seeing a teletype ribbon went past my eyes. The words - which I read, in my mind - simply said, 'Your grandfather is dead.'

I jumped up and climbed the three or four steps into the main cabin, saying to my friend that I had  to make a radio-telephone call. I put out a link call through Bahrain Radio to my mother in the UK, and when she answered the phone she said, that she had some bad news. I interrupted my mother to tell her that the reason I had rung was because I knew my grandfather was dead.

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