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I'm healing from my morgellons and wanted to offer hope



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by supertick
New Member•4 years on site•2 posts

My symptoms began around June 2011. It would be seven months later before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and a few co infections. Two years later, I discovered I was allergic to gluten that was most likely triggered by the lyme.

Since I stopped eating gluten in April 2013, my morgellons began to clear up. What I found to really help was turmeric (not the grocery store kind, it was less effective and more orange in color. I look for the yellowest possible from Chinese herbal or Indian grocer). I am amazed.

I make a paste using 1/2c plain yogurt, 2 tbs turmeric, 1tbs oil (olive, sesame, coconut, any kind you like, it's to help prevent dying your skin yellow) I massage this onto affected areas in the shower as this can get really messy. As I massage the paste onto my skin, I can feel tons of stuff coming out of my skin. It's been months of this scrubbing and I feel like i removed a five pound bag of sand and bits layer by layer from my pores.

I finally look like me again! I also only recently started taking turmeric  (curcumin). It has helped with my "gluten emotions" and pains. I continue to heal and am confident in what has been my cure for morgellons. My brain is currently a bit foggy from a recent encounter with gluten otherwise id be more detailed. I hope this is helpful because I can understand how maddening this is.

Turmeric-it's worth a try. I wished I tried it earlier but I'm glad I found it when I did.

That is really interesting! I got MD a year ago, but it has only been the biting, crawling sensations, black specks coming out of my skin, and brain fog. I have never gotten the horrible sores or fibers growing out of my skin. I have been gluten free for 7 years. Who knows, maybe that's why my MD isn't as bad as some others have it.

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