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About three days before she died, she started talking in Macedonski



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The Art of Dying – Dr  Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Daphne Biliouri gives this interesting account of her mother's final days before she died from cancer. Daphne is from Greece and this is where her mother died. Although her mother was in excruciating pain for the last week of her life, and no longer aware of her surroundings or anyone around her, about three days before she died, she started talking in Macedonski, a dialect used in the village where she grew up and the one she used only when she talked to her parents or visited the village.

She spent around four hours talking to two men from what I could gather, listening to her and watching her shift her gaze between two different spots in the room. One of them, was her brother who used to live in Australia and had died the previous year; and the other was somebody older, I think it might have been her grandfather. During this whole time she was very animated, happy and extremely lucid, unlike the rest of the time. The conversation ended, with her waving goodbye to them, and although I tried to talk to her after that, thinking that she was lucid, she didn't recognize or acknowledge me. However, the positive thing is that the pain seemed not to exist any more for the remaining couple of days.

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