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The ghostly ringing bell in the house of Mesdames Daubeze, in Castel-Sarrasin



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Death and its Mystery – After Death – Camille Flammarian

Dr. Martin, of the Paris Faculty, who lived in Penne, Lot- et-Garonne, wrote me in March, 1899:

Two most respectable ladies, who are still alive and can furnish attestations, were living in a house in the open country in which, three years before, an infirm old man had died. He had lived on the second floor and had tyrannized over the servants by continually ringing the bell.

 The bell was in the vestibule, on the ground floor, high up near the ceiling, and the wires had been removed after his death.

Now, one fine day, these ladies and their servants heard a diabolical peal; they rushed into the vestibule, where they saw the bell ringing madly. Terrified, the witnesses of this went through every part of the house.

There were no practical jokers about, and they ascertained that the wires were still missing. The ringing lasted a certain number of minutes, and then stopped.

They always supposed that the old fellow had fallen back into a former habit of his. This took place at the home of Mesdames Daubeze, in Castel-Sarrasin. There is no need for me to add that the attempts to discover a natural explanation ended in nothing.


(Letter 148.)

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