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He "dreamed" he was dying and was being sucked down through fog and quicksand



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

A man's experience helped him deal with his chronic illness and fear of death. Shortly after being diagnosed with emphysema and told that it would eventually lead to his death, he had a dream that didn't feel like a dream to him. He "dreamed" that he was dying and was being sucked down through fog and quicksand. It was very frightening, particularly as it had some of the components of the shortness of breath and suffocation that he felt when his lung disease was out of control. However, in his dream he emerged from the fog and quicksand into a beautiful spacious place with lovely pastels and blues where he was allowed to float with ease.

From there he entered a tunnel and saw a light ahead of him. As he was drawn toward the light, he heard a voice tell him that he would go back for a while, but that "they" just wanted him to know how it was going to be. After the experience, he felt much more relaxed about dying and about living.

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