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Lycaeum forum - Feeling that time is a spiral



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From http://paranoia.lycaeum.org/stories/lsd

 All in all, the one thing that really scared me was the rush after about 45 minutes -- I wasn't prepared for it at all. It just kept getting more and more intense, and I couldn't handle it. I repeatedly asked my friends to bring me to the hospital, but they wisely talked me down.

I eventually sat down on the sofa in front of the TV about 2 hours after I dropped, and stopped complaining after a while. I didn't stop complaining because I could finally manage what was going on but rather because my train of thought was disrupted that I couldn't really focus on something long enough.

Anyway, this is what I remember about my trip:

At the beginning, Max and I would laugh uncontrollably over the stupidest things -- like watching the Prime Minister on TV. When I started feeling the acid come on I remember telling Valerio something as stupid as "This feels so... psychedelic!"

I don't remember much about the peak -- just a few events and feelings I had during those brief periods of time when I regained my "consciousness".

I remember feeling telepathic; it is the thing that amazed me the most. I was thinking of something, and then somebody would say just the same thing before I did. This must have happened quite a few times, because after I while, I started telling my friends "Say it" whenever I thought of something. (Max confirmed this a few days after our trip; Valerio told me that whenever he said something I would look at him and say "That's true! That's true" like he had just found the Ultimate Truth.)

I remember feeling that time was a spiral, and this feeling was somehow related to feeling telepathic -- Valerio would say something that I had thought of before, and those two moments in time would somehow be connected to each other even though they had happened separatedly, just like two points on a spiral that are adjacent to each other on a 2 dimensional plane but are separated down the length of the spiral itself.

I didn't really have any hallucinations, but all the sensory distortion was there -- trailers, seeing complicated patterns move, the buzzing sound and so on.

I started coming down at about 2:30, and I was somehow glad this happened, because it meant that I was safe. Coming down was the weirdest feeling.. it felt like I "re-learnt" life over an hour. I went to my bedroom, and although I recognized it wasn't really _mine_; I remember seeing my computer and remembering that computers played a major role in my life, but I wasn't really interested in it. I must have said "Gee... *what* happened?" about 20 times over 90 minutes.

But when it was gone, well, I missed it.

Plus.. I loved the way the flowers on my wallpaper melted into each other. :)

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