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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Mrs Edith Dickinson had been divorced from her husband 23 years and had not seen him for 25 years, though she remained friendly with his family. This is her story.

On 14 April 1985 I was driving to the clinic where I worked as a health visitor, when I suddenly thought, 'There is somebody who is desperately ill and wanting me.' I immediately thought of my boyfriend of two years and my mother, an old lady of 85 years.

When I arrived at the clinic I discussed this with the nurses, who were very concerned. We were helpless to do anything as we had to rush off to a lecture, which I attended, but didn't hear a thing. All I could think about was who was ill and wanting me. After the lecture I contacted my boyfriend, who was fine, and explained the reason for my anxiety. I then went to Mother who was also well.

Next I visited a few patients whom I had concerns about - nothing evolved. I was so upset and very frustrated - who was it?

The message was very strong.

Between 4 p.m . and 4.30 p.m., I suddenly realized the 'message' had stopped. I knew that someone had died. It made me feel very sad, I made a note of it in my diary and described the strange experience I had  undergone on 14th April.

Four or five days later I received a letter from the RAF to say that my ex-husband had died on that very day.

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