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People coming through the walls



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience


 Age: 38

Gender: female

Conditions: Open Fracture, High blood pressure, Insomnia, Nausea and vomiting

Drugs taking:
- Ultram - 50MG (tramadol hydrochloride): used for 1 - 6 months
- Clonidine Hydrochloride - 0.3MG (clonidine hydrochloride): used for 2 - 5 years
- Seroquel - EQ 300MG BASE (quetiapine fumarate): used for 1 - 6 months
- Zofran - EQ 8MG BASE (ondansetron hydrochloride): used for < 1 month

Drug interactions have: most severe hallucination, visual

Comments from or about the patient: I see people that are both still alive and those that have passed away as well. They can make themselves invisible and come through the walls. I have long conversations with a lot of them and truly believe they are there, only to find out they were never there. I hear people talking and recognize their voices but when I look for them they were never there. This all has me so scared that I cant sleep at all because these are not dreams, I am wide awake when this happens.

The source of the experience

Ordinary person

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