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Her grandmother dreamed of the death of her mother



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This is very strong inter composer communication resulting from the bridge between them all and the grandmother may have intercepted the perceptions of the mother as she was dying [the stroke taking effect]  - thus although there are a lot of ifs and buts in this, it is an indication of what actually happens on death as opposed to near death.

You go over a bridge and are met by the spirits of relatives.  It might be added that it appears that sometimes it is a river [the ferryman] and sometimes a bridge.

A description of the experience

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

This happened in 1966. I’d gone to see my grandmother, as I did every day when I walked the dogs. This particular morning she was quite upset by what had occurred during the night. She said it was like a dream but it wasn't a dream - that's how she explained it.

She said she was in a place where there was a bridge and at one side of the bridge was 'the dad' - that was what she always called my grandfather who had died in the 1950s. She started to walk over the bridge towards him but he held up his hand and said, 'No, not you. Go back.' She was upset about this but I made light of it and in fact made some remark like: 'You've been eating something for your supper that has upset you.'

What happened later that night was devastating.  My mother who was 61 and in fairly good health, and had that day been to town and down to see her sister,- had a massive stroke. She was unconscious and by three in the morning had two more strokes and died.

My grandmother said it was my mother who he was calling over that night.  My grandmother was 86 and in very good health and certainly not given to fanciful thoughts.  I will always believe there was something there.  Incidentally, she lived until she was 97.


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