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The article is too long to include here and I may be breaking copyright if I supply the full text, so I have provided a link.  The first exampe described in the article isn't very conclusive as taste changes can be induced by medication, but the article includes several more interesting examples, which are quite thought provoking


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Have These Transplant Patients Inherited the Donor's Characters?

Newspaper article from Daily Mail (London) June 4th 1996


MAUREEN MITCHELL sounds a little out of breath but its got nothing to do with the heart transplant she had almost two years ago.

`We just had a birthday party for my daughter Rachel,' says the 35-year-old from Inverurie near Aberdeen. `Young children make a lot of mess.'

It was after giving birth to Rachel that Maureen's heart ballooned to three times its normal size, slashing the blood supply to her vital organs.

Fortunately, a donor was found and now she's fit again, running around after small children and working part-time at an Aberdeen oil company. She's also developed some new tastes.

`I used to love coffee,' she says. `Now I can't stand the stuff. The same thing has happened with butter. I used to love it on toast, now it makes me nauseous.

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