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Monsieur Alexandre Drouart dies in his sleep



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We have no way of knowing that this was a prophecy, only that the wife knew he was dying.

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Death and Its Mystery – Camille Flammarion

An account of an imminent death seen in a dream by the doomed man’s wife, was given me on September 23rd 1900 by the parish priest of Baux-de-Breteuil:  Monsieur l’Abbe Moulin,Master of the Floral Games.  The article sent to me was taken from the Petit Parisien of that date:

During the course of the night before last, a tailor, Monsieur Alexandre Drouart, aged 26, living at 67 rue d’Avron, was sleeping quietly in his bed when he was startled into wakefulness by his wife, who, lying beside him, the victim of a terrible nightmare, was uttering despairing cries and veritable lamentations.

The young woman explained to him that in her dream she had just seen him die, after a death agony of several moments.

‘Nonsense, delusions!’ the tailor answered ‘Calm yourself; you see tta I am well and don’t in the least want to die’.

After these words he got up to drink a little water, the went back to bed; his wife had already gone back to sleep once more.

An hour later, about 4 o’ clock in the morning, Madame Drouart awakeed and soon found that her husband, who seemed to be asleep, was no longer breathing.

Terrified, she called the neighbours, then a physician, Dr Susay, who could only state that the young man was dead; he declared that the hapless man’s death had occurred about three quarters of an hour before and was due to heart disease.

A strange coincidence!

Monsieur Deslandes, a police officer, who had been notified at once, gave permission, after having made the customary tests, that the body be buried

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