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My 83 year old mother began "seeing" people about 4 months ago. She had a bad urinary tract infection in January, as well as a history of those infections. She's on a constant low dose antibiotic and the nursing home said that she doesn't seem to have an infection at the present time, and she appears properly hydrated. I visit her a few times a week and she always has a story about the night visitors (pirate with a knife was first, a woman standing, a child sitting at the foot of her bed, a woman sitting, various men, an alligator, a dog, each of my sons, and me - you get the idea). Some are just there and others are actually doing something (standing on scaffolding outside her window and looking in, sticking out their tongue, coming out of her bathroom).

She said that last night she had 4 visitors - a woman, later a little girl in a white dress, and two men running into her room and then running out again. Each "sighting" either disappeared or left the room when she rang for a nurse.  She had been uncomfortable with the visions, but now she's frightened that they will hurt her, or steal something, or both. Last night and today she was crying about the visions. 

Otherwise she is pretty sharp during conversations and seems to have relatively good short and long term memory.  Her vision has been worsening - particularly after a retinology treatment 11 months ago. She takes medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, a blood thinnner, and many more  pills that the doctor has evaluated and that doesn't seem to explain why she suddenly started seeing things. Eight days ago I think she started an anti-psychotic medication.

She thinks that some of her visitors could be dreams, but she sincerely thinks that some others are real.  The nursing home has been supportive and she has seen a psychiatrist a couple of times - he believes the visions will eventually go away, but she has become very upset and doesn't want to wait, and doesn't want to sleep at night.

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