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After she died, in a thick cupboard door, a strange noise made itself heard



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Death and its Mystery: After Death – Camille Flammarion

A young woman, a paralytic, would often spend the afternoon at my aunt’s house.  My cousins, who knew how good-natured she was, and who liked to laugh, would make from time to time some little jest as to the as to the position in which she might find herself in the other world.

 "You don't seem to believe in the other world, much," she answered, smiling, “and you're making fun of me. That isn’t nice, you know. But I'll have my revenge: when I'm dead, I'll come and frighten you."

She died a short time afterward. Some weeks went by, and no one thought any longer of her little threat, when, in a thick cup- board door, a strange noise made itself heard. It sounded like a series of blows, purposely struck. Called by my aunt, my cousins hurried to her, and examined the piece of furniture.

There seemed nothing unusual about it.

But when they expressed their impatience, the noise answered so loudly that they drew back, terrified, I am telling you of this happening, though it is of such slight importance, because it is unquestionable and because we know that you overlook nothing in order to discover all, and because we all have, for you, a feeling of profound veneration: I have named my child Camille, to commemorate my having read your works.


Digne, March, 1899

(Letter 386.)

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