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Childbirth experience 03



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The following is an out of body experience brought on principally by the pain, but also by the emotional trauma of having a doctor who is supposed to be in charge of your care telling you to ‘shut up’.  [Aren’t doctors wonderful].  She may have been dying too – see the section on dying,  - as the beings seem to be there to guide her ‘home’ – a very common occurrence shortly before death.

A description of the experience

A middle aged Oklahoma housewife who was in the process of giving birth to her third child related the following:

‘I was in hard labour from 2am until 2pm.  I was yelling for a C section just before Daniel was born, but my doctor said ‘shut up’!

I wanted to die of shame for yelling.  I wanted to die more than anything!  At that moment, I just popped out of my body and was about 2 or 3 feet above myself and everyone in the room.  My doctor said ‘My God!  My God!’

Someone moved to my side and pounded on my chest.  I wondered why he was hitting my chest.  Daniel was coming out and was handed to a nurse and wrapped in a blanket.  I looked up and saw many beings waiting on me but not talking.  We all knew each other’s thoughts.  This was very beautiful.

I turned around wondering about my husband and started to go out the door, but only floated through the door and down the hall to where he was standing in a doorway with my 8 year old daughter.  They were fine – I went back to the birth room.

The ‘beings’ were waiting on me to decide to stay with them or reenter my body.  It was my decision!  I wanted to stay on the other side, but felt I should stay and raise my baby ….

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From Adventures in Immortality – George Gallup