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Mikhail Drogzenovich, the fifty-three-year-old farmer from the Bulgarian village of Stara Zagora, who could levitate



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain -  Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

A short, referenceless magazine article in the west announced that Mikhail Drogzenovich, a fifty-three-year-old farmer from the Bulgarian village of Stara Zagora could supposedly levitate-lift himself off the ground without any visible means of support.

Before "scientific witnesses," the item read, the husky farmer closed his eyes and sat down in a field. After intense concentration, he apparently slowly began to rise in the air until he was about four feet above the ground. His eyes remained closed, thereby ruling out mass hypnosis of the observers. He sat in the air some ten minutes while witnesses checked that there was no rope, equipment, or mechanical devices connected to the hovering Drogzenovich. Then the farmer slowly settled back to earth.

"Once I'm in the air," he was quoted as saying, "I'm unable to change my position. I get there by willpower."

When we were introduced to some of the scientists on staff (who coincidentally were in the midst of studying the discoveries about brain waves made by the Leningrad mathematician Dr. Genady Sergeyev), we asked them about any work on levitation. If they'd ever heard of Mikhail the hovering farmer, they didn't admit it.

But they did say Dr. Lozanov had photographed a number of yogis in India who seemingly could defy gravity and levitate for short periods.

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