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H.I.M.'s sister - realized herself as being in the spirit and very luminous, like an electric light



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Light, (vol. XL, 1920, p.284)

My sister ... has just passed away.... When her end was near, and the doctor thought she had barely a few more hours to live, the priest was sent for and he administered the last rites. Before he had finished my sister passed into complete unconsciousness ... her feet and hands were like ice. ... However, almost imperceptibly, the condition changed, the breathing became better. ... After a night's rest, she awoke quite refreshed, and during the day told us her wonderful experience.

She said she had found herself slipping out of her material body through the feet, and she stood at the foot of the bed, looking back on her body. ... She realized herself as being in the spirit and very luminous, like an electric light. She rejoiced to find herself in full possession of all her mental and spiritual faculties and identity.

'It was just me,' she said, 'exactly as I am, only my mind was as keen and vigorous as it used to be when I was young, or even more so.' She longed to make known this experience to all who might have doubts on the subject.

'Then,' she said, 'I got the chance of returning to my body to tell you-and I took it.'

She died twenty-four hours later and it was her special wish that an account of the experience should be published.

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