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The wife of Mr. C. F., an Edinburgh artist, could make the table follow her about the room like a dog



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My friend Mr. C. F., an Edinburgh artist, some little time ago (before Mr. Home was in question) chanced one evening to tell me of certain strange powers possessed by his wife over furniture, etc.

As instance, putting her hand over a table — over, not on it — she could make it follow her about the room like a dog ; presto tilt itself backward on the floor, and cut, in fact, such other capers as she pleased ; and a good many more of the like things he told me.

On my laughingly saying I hoped he didn't really expect me to believe this sort of thing, he got a little angry, and (being, when irritated, profane) asked (with oaths which I cannot repeat) if I ' meant to tell him he was a liar, ‘Not in the least,' I said ; ‘but really the thing seemed so odd, etc.’

‘What motive can I have to deceive you?' he then said. ‘Ask ; ask . You know Dr. C don't you ?'

I signified that I did.

' Well then,' said he, ‘ask him ; and I'm — if he doesn't bear me out in everything I've told you.'

On my next meeting Dr. C,  I asked him if he had really seen these strange things.

‘Why, yes’ he said, ‘at F’s one evening, strange as it may seem, I did. And what's more, the phenomena were exhibited one evening after, with even greater vigour, in my own drawing-room, and with my own furniture. The little woman made it dance what fandango she liked.’

In this case, however, there was no spiritual presence or agency asserted — only a power in the lady, magnetic or what not, of this peculiarly absurd kind ; but in addition, some faculty of clairvoyance more or less developed, her husband distinctly asserted for her, and a singular talent for divining the most secret thoughts of people she chanced to be in contact with. This last was in various ways tested.

One instance: — Dr. C said, ‘I’m thinking of something, Mrs. F . Tell me what it is!' ‘

‘You are thinking,’ replied the lady, ‘of a salmon-rod you looked at to-day, and intend buying tomorrow ;' and the fact was accurately so.

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