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There may have been the added contribution of sleep deprivation as well as sensory deprivation [he had his eyes closed].

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William Buhlman – The Secret of the Soul
Steve M, via email

My first experience was over thirty years ago when I was twelve years old. It was late at night-3:21 A.M., to be exact. I was having trouble sleeping when all of a sudden I saw, not with my physical eyes, the time on the clock. It was very big and clear, and I know I did not leave my bed.

This strange experience frightened me a bit, and I jolted back to my body with my heart racing. The next night I did an experiment. I wear corrective lenses, so from my bed I looked at the clock across my room and behind me and found that it was only a blur unless I got up and put my face about one foot from it. I didn’t talk to anyone about this for some time and then mentioned it once to my brother, who said I had had an ‘astral projection’.

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