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The Independent from the article Is it possible to have an 'out-of-body' experience? By Jerome Taylor; Friday 19 September 2008
Heather Sloan, former nurse: 'I headed towards a light'

Heather Sloan from Southampton suffered an internal bleed and says she had an out-of-body experience.

"The last thing I remembered was being rushed to the hospital. Then I passed out. When I came to I was standing next to my bed and, being a nurse, I started checking temperature and blood pressure. It was only after a while that I noticed I was looking at myself.

Then I felt myself leaving my body and heading towards this light where hundreds of people were waiting for me.

I started to get a bit distressed as I had an 18-month-old daughter at home. I asked these voices why I was there and they told me I had lost my baby. I didn't even realise I was pregnant. Eventually I felt like I was allowed to return and began making my way back to my body.

The next thing I remembered was being conscious and surrounded by nurses. They told me that I'd lost a baby but of course I already knew."

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