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Miscarriages and still births

Category: Illness or disabilities



Introduction and description


The grief surrounding miscarriages and still births is such that I did not want to put pictures on this page that simply made it worse, so I have used the work of Oleg Oprisco, whose gentle empathetic photos act like a soothing balm to emotional pain.

I will start with the official medical definition first, then move onto what it means to the person themselves - the human definition. 

Miscarriage is defined as the natural ending or termination of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or fetus is incapable of surviving independently, generally defined in humans at prior to 20 weeks of gestation.  Long-term survival has never been reported for infants born from pregnancy shorter than 21 weeks and 5 days.


Labour resulting in live birth before the 37th week of pregnancy is termed "premature birth", even if the infant dies shortly afterward. A baby that dies while in the uterus after about the 20–24th week of pregnancy may be termed, a "stillbirth"; the precise gestational age definition varies by country.

Premature births or stillbirths are not medically considered "miscarriages", however, for the purpose of this website they can, because the effects are often the same.

Stillbirth affects 1 in 160 pregnancies in the United States, equal to the number of infant deaths each year.  PMID:  22166605

Beliefs and misconceptions


The feelings of guilt - One of the worst things about losing a baby, is that there is the terrible feeling inside, that it may have been something you did that caused the miscarriage or stillbirth. 

But no loving prospective Mum deliberately does anything that would harm a baby, as such whatever happened was entirely accidental and no fault should ever be laid at the Mum's door. 

What is lacking in general, may be more information and knowledge about what harms a fetus in the womb, and I will come to this shortly.


The sense of loss - Babies are the ultimate act of creation - a little potential being you have created from an act of love. When a baby is stillborn or miscarried, it is like an act of destruction, as if someone had come along to an artist's studio and ripped the work apart.  But like all great works of art, you cannot destroy the spirit of what you have created. 

An artist can recreate what was destroyed because it is in his or her mind, it is not really a physical thing at all, the paint is just a way of expressing the creation.

A body is just a holding mechanism for the soul and the spirit. 

We have lost all our understanding of the spiritual world and as such loss of a baby somehow seems so much worse because in a materialistic world, the physical baby has indeed 'gone', just died.  But if we revive our understanding of the existence of spirit, we start to see that the 'baby' has not gone at all. 


The universe is made of 'form' - physical things we can see and touch and feel; and  'function' the part that animates the universe. 

In effect, the universe is like a huge computer where we can see the computer, but we can't see the software - spirit.

When the ancient men of wisdom spoke of spirit, they meant the software of the universe and the functions of the universe. 

Humans and all living creatures have a physical body animated by

  • an autonomic system - the functions that we can't consciously control that operate our body and help it to digest food, or poo or wee or run, leap, sing, breathe and so on.
  • a soul - the part of our mind that enables us to create and imagine, talk and understand language, reason and remember things

When a baby dies or is stillborn, its Higher spirit is still there.  It may even return to you again as another later baby with the same soul.  The baby you created together is still there in spirit and will always be with you.


'Bad karma' and other unhelpful things - There are some religions that seem to imply that babies die because of 'bad karma' they have accrued. 

This is nonsense. 

If the baby had accrued 'bad karma' as these people say, they would have needed a bit of living on earth to work it off.  Karma in the sense they mean it does not exist. 

We accrue perceptions and they stay with us to eternity, but we are not here on earth to somehow 'perfect ourselves' [an entirely selfish notion].  We are here to do a job - all of us have a destiny!

Destiny is what we are here on earth to do as part of the Great work - the creation. We are all here for a purpose, some have big jobs, some have small jobs, but none of us is intended to be idle!  [If you want to know more about this turn to Why are we here and read on.]

'Success' as a concept in today's terms is meaningless, and it makes for winners and losers in society.  In reality, the only success that has any meaning is the fulfilling of your destiny.

And because we are all, without exception, a key part of the grand plan, any baby that looks like it may not be able to physically cope with the challenge it faces, because  something has gone wrong physically in its development in the womb, has to be given the chance to cycle round again with a body which can cope with the challenge.  So we need to think of a miscarriage or a stillbirth more as an event geared towards giving a baby  - the real baby - the spirit that is the baby - the chance to have a body that is up to coping with the challenge it faces.

Causes of stillbirths and miscarriages


Everybody without exception is under attack, from the moment they are conceived.  What are the attackers?


Quite a number of pharmaceuticals are implicated in causing both stillbirths and miscarriages.  The eHealthme web site has both a list of pharmaceuticals that have caused stillbirth - follow LINK; and  those that have caused miscarriages - follow LINK;  The list is not anecdotal but derived from the Adverse health reports submitted to the FDA and SEDA.  Both statins and calcium channel blockers have a record for producing 'threatened' miscarriage.  Anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and anti-anxiety drugs have a record of producing stillbirths and miscarriages in general.  For example, the following is from a case study on eHealthme

Age: 40 ;   Gender: female;  Conditions: C-section ; Drugs taking:  - Ranitidine (ranitidine);   Side effects have: stillbirth
Comments from or about the patient: I strongly believe I am a victim of ranatidine drug as I took it and it crossed the placenta and killed my baby . however no one believes me. I had gestational diabetes at the time and they told me I did not have it.

Pharmaceuticals in general are not good for babies, as such if you can be free of them - all of them anti-histamines, immuosuppressants and all,-  then you stand a better chance of having a baby.


Inherited genes

According to researchers, there is a 'slight genetic predisposition' because researchers have noticed that stillbirths ad miscarriages occasionally run in some families.    The assumption that just because there is a familial link, it must be of genetic origin, is not correct;  it could equally well indicate exposure to the same environmental pathogen or stressor. 

Furthermore, if genes are damaged or changed, they have to be damaged or changed by something.  And the main culprits at the moment are radiation, viruses and nanoparticles.  Since we wrote this entry, new research also implicates genetically modified food, particularly soybeans, corn and some wheat, these come from the USA and may be disguised as other products - soy lethicin for example.

Extensive experience with the risk assessment of whole foods has been applied recently on the safety and nutritional testing of GMFs/GMOs. Investigations have tested the safety of GMFs including sub-acute, chronic, reproductive, multi-generation and carcinogenicity studies. We extrapolated the potential risks associated with GMFs/GMOs on reproduction, and analyzed the multi-aspect linked between infertility and GMFs/GMOs. It could be conjectured that GMFs/GMOs could be potential hazard on reproduction, linking to the development of infertility through influencing the endocrine metabolism, endometriosis. PMID:  25342149


Viruses are truly dreadful attackers of our bodies.  A whole host of viruses are implicated in causing both stillbirths and miscarriages and we can be thankful sometimes that a miscarriage resulted, as many babies, born with these viruses, truly suffer as a consequence.  This is but one example of many:

Parvovirus B19 infection is associated with clinical symptoms that vary in the spectrum from trivial to severe. The important clinical manifestations are ......spontaneous abortion and stillbirth.   PMID: 25118740


CMV, EBV, HPV etc all result in stillbirths and miscarriages.  



As viruses are implicated in stillbirths and miscarriages, any vaccine that uses a live virus is also implicated in stillbirths and miscarriages, even if the vaccination occurred months or even years before the person became pregnant, as many viruses do not die, they are 'subdued' by the immune system, but remain active in the body waiting for the immune system to become compromised.  

There are further problems with vaccines related to the excipient which is described in the vaccines section - follow the link.


Parasites may cause illness in the Mum, which then causes the miscarriage or stillbirth, or there are parasites that can cross the placenta and damage the fetus, for example:

Toxoplasmosis is a disease parasite which can infect human and animals. The infection may be serious if is transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy. ….. Based on data found in our study, 87.6% of young girls from urban areas in Ajabshir did not have antibodies to Toxoplasma  PMID:  25276764

Carriers of parasites include the fox, cat and dog


There are a great number of bacteria that can attack both the mother and fetus in the womb.  For example,  Haemophilus influenzae is a Gram-negative, bacterium belonging to the Pasteurellaceae family.   It was first described in 1892 by Richard Pfeiffer during an influenza pandemic, hence its name, even though it is a bacteria.

Unencapsulated Haemophilus influenzae frequently causes noninvasive upper respiratory tract infections in children ... A number of studies have reported an increased incidence in neonates [in the study]…. The incidence rate of invasive unencapsulated H. influenzae disease was 17.2 times greater among pregnant women compared with nonpregnant women. ...infection during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy was associated with fetal loss and extremely premature birth.  ..... infection during the second half of pregnancy was associated with premature birth in 8 of 28 cases and stillbirth in 2 of 28 cases .    PMID:  24643602




Toxins have a terrible record of causing pregnancy problems, stillbirths and miscarriages.  Pesticides, insecticides,and Endocrine disruptors all seem to have a particularly extraordinary effect in that they are the source of numerous illnesses in both mother and fetus.

OBJECTIVES:  To analyse the risk of stillbirth from 12 residential and occupational maternal exposures during pregnancy.
METHODS: Stillbirths and neonatal deaths in 1984 within 24 hours of birth from 10 California counties were identified from death certificates
RESULTS:   Occupational exposure to pesticides during the first two months of gestation was positively associated with stillbirths due to congenital anomalies ….and during the first and second trimesters ….. Home pesticide exposure was positively associated with stillbirths due to congenital anomalies  PMID:  9282129

But there are other toxins - including Nanoparticles and Heavy metals  and not forgetting dental amalgam fillings. Smoking and smoke is a toxin in this respect.

 IUD devices

If IUD devices are left in the body when a person becomes pregnant, they can be the source of infection

Nineteen cases of spontaneous second-trimester abortion associated with the intrauterine device (IUD) are reviewed ......It is suggested that when the IUD remains in utero during pregnancy, it may be a causal factor in second-trimester spontaneous abortion, and that intrauterine infection is the distinguishing characteristic of such cases. PMID: 1251860



Fungal infections

There are a number of papers citing fungal infections as the cause of both stillbirths and miscarriages, but this is of especial interest:

We report a case of Candida glabrata sepsis associated with chorioamnionitis in an in vitro fertilization-assisted pregnancy. There is a strong association between C. glabrata chorioamnionitis and assisted fertility techniques.  PMID:  23143095

Nutritional deprivation

Nutritional deprivation including Mineral deficiency and vitamin deficiency and Mineral supplements, Vitamin supplements and dietary supplements have all caused both stillbirths and miscariages.  Although most mothers recognise the need to eat properly during pregnancy, few associate the idea of supplements with stillbirths and miscarriages.  Overdosing on minerals and vitamins is poisoning.  This is from eHealthme:

On Nov, 11, 2014: 38,363 people reported to have side effects when taking Vitamins. Among them, 271 people (0.71%) have Abortion Spontaneous.


And  psychological trauma can result in miscarriages and stillbirths.  They can also be the cause of premature births and difficult births.  The following paper is too complex to include here, but the researchers have been able to find out why stress causes spontaneous miscarriages:

Spontaneous miscarriages are explained by the stress/glucocorticoid/lipoxin A4 axis.  Xu Z1, Zhao J, Zhang H, Ke T, Xu P, Cai W, Katirai F, Ye D, Huang Y, Huang B.   PMID:  23677469




Radiation from electrical devices or from the resonance induced by the infrasound from wind farms can induce spontaneous abortions and cause stillbirths and miscarriages.

Objectives: To review empirical research on adverse health and pregnancy outcomes associated with physiotherapists' occupational exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMFs) from shortwave (SWD) and microwave (MWD) diathermy devices.
Results: Findings suggest that physiotherapists' occupational exposure to SWD was statistically significantly associated with delayed time to pregnancy (> 6 months), still birth, altered gender ratio (low ratio of boys to girls), congenital malformations and low birth weight (<2,500 g) among physiotherapists' offspring. Physiotherapists' exposure to MWD was also found to be statistically significantly associated with spontaneous abortion. However, causal mechanisms for these statistical associations are unknown. PMID:  25069893


Lack of oxygen being delivered to the fetus as a result of heart disease in the mother is a known problem, but one that is perhaps not known is that damage to the heart of the fetus can also mean it is not getting enough oxygen.  The damage is 'chromosomal', but ultimately any of the pathogens above can be the cause of chromosomal damage.

We evaluated 2,083 cases within the Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program (WiSSP) that had autopsy reports or ultrasound data relevant to the heart. Of these, 167/1,782 (9.4%) stillbirths after 20 weeks and 11/301 (3.7%) miscarriages <20 weeks had congenital heart disease (CHD). ....  Cardiomegaly, occurring in 26.7% of all cases and 76.7% of infants born to diabetic mothers. PMID:  24459042

It is predicted that by 2050 one in three Americans will be suffering from diabetes.  So it may be worthwhile looking at the section on diabetes mellitus as well.

Physical trauma

including  Surgery



The best form of treatment is actually prevention and the medical community are beginning to realise that routine screening of women for all the pathogens above may be essential in order to catch these infections before they develop and harm the baby or cause the trauma that stillbirths and miscarriages produce:

Untreated infection may cause stillbirth by several mechanisms, including direct fetal infection, placental damage, and severe maternal illness. Many bacteria, viruses, and protozoa have been associated with stillbirth. ....Screening, prevention, and treatment of maternal infections are important to reduce stillbirth risk.  PMID:  20661048


How it works

Why do people get spiritual experiences from stillbirths and miscarriages?


The majority of spiritual experiences that result from miscarriage are physically caused by loss of blood – haemorrhaging .


By far the biggest contributor, however, is a combination of shock, psychological trauma and grief. 

I think it important, however, to add a note of almost optimism to this sad section.  There are those who have been through this trauma who have gained spiritual powers of a quite extraordinary kind, once they recogise what it is they have attained.  Some of the most gifted healers have emerged from this trauma and gone on to heal others, thereby in many ways healing themselves.  Sometimes great good can come from bad.

References and further reading

If you like the work of Oleg, his biography and more of his photos can be found by going to Oleg Oprisco.


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