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Zohar - II 112b – Little babies



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Zohar II 112b [translated by Gershom Scholem] – Little babies

Most grievous is the sorrow surrounding those who are taken from their mothers [and from] mothers' breasts.  On their account,  truly, the whole world weeps; the …. entire world is perplexed and says:

Eternally righteous are the judgments of the Holy one, be blessed, and all his paths are paths of truth. yet, is it needful that these infants should die, who are without sin and without blame In this, where is the rightful and just judgment of the Lord of the world?  If it is the parents' sins that are cause of their death, then indeed they "had no comforter."

But, in reality, the tears shed by these little ones act as a petition and protection for the living, and by dint of their innocence and the efficacy of their intercession, in time a place is prepared for them, such a one as cannot be attained to or occupied by even the most righteous; for the Holy One, be blessed, does in reality love these little ones with a unique and outstanding love.

He unites them with himself and gets ready for them a place on high close by to him. And of these it is written: "out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast Thou founded strength" {Ps 8:3}.

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